We are back with more updates, we are bringing back golden oldies. We try and listen to (all) of your suggestions and our development team is working hard on introducing your favorites from the Classic to Orion. Speaking of favorites, now you will be able to select your favorite plugins and themes, and with one click install them on any websites you add, saving you precious hours. This week we come bearing more good news, we tweaked our Orion backup to suit your needs. Now you can select which files you wish to include and exclude to your backup. So, let’s get to it. Manage Plugins and Themes We all have a set of plugins and themes we just can’t do without. It’s a bit like picking your favorite ice cream, you always go for the same flavor. So we filled a compartment of your freezer with just that flavor. Nifty right? If you log in to your Orion dashboard, and make your way over to Manage Plugins and Themes, you will notice that next to your plugins and themes you will see a yellow star icon. By clicking it, you will assign that plugin/theme to your list of favorites. You can select as many as you like, and create a collection of them all in one place. It’s also
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