The idea behind the Orion pricing model was simple: scale your subscription with your business and pay only what you actually use. It’s what an honest pricing model should be, and your feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The only problem with the per site pricing model is that the price goes up really fast. Agencies with 50 websites basically pay 5 times more than agencies with 10 websites, so there’s no real cost scaling. So we got back to the drawing board and came up with a way to improve the Orion pricing model. This article is about the bundles and a few other changes we made in the meantime. ManageWP Bundles In addition to the per site pricing model, we added the bundle alternative. A ManageWP bundle gives you the ability to turn on a tool on up to 100 websites for a fixed price. So if you want to turn on the Uptime Monitor tool on 70 websites, you will simply take the Uptime Monitor Bundle for $25. You’ll also be able to turn on Uptime Monitor on another 30 websites for the same, fixed price. Bundles are a perfect way to keep your cost down as your business grows. Here are the bundle specs: Each premium tool has its bundled version Each bundle is good for
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