WordPress.org today announced that Shiny Updates V2, which provides users with a smoother experience for managing plugins and themes, is approved to be partially merged in WordPress 4.6, slated for release in August.

The announcement comes after a team meeting earlier today.

“The changes that will be merged are install, update, and delete for themes and plugins in single and multisite,” the announcement said. “This affects plugin.php, plugin-install.php, import.php, themes.php, themes-install.php, and the “more-detail” modals in those screens.”

The team will have to work quickly to get the core patch committed by June 15.

The Shiny Updates Project was created to streamline certain WordPress functions. The plugin makes it easier than ever for users to install and update plugins and themes. Instead of being sent to a third-party site, with Shiny Updates, you can update plugins from within the dashboard and it will begin update right there. Users will no longer be redirected to a different screen or asked to deal with a pop-up box. Managing plugins and themes will be much more efficient.

According to the initial proposal,

“Shiny Updates deals with these details behind the scenes, maintaining the context of the triggered actions and leaving users with clear actions and results. This caters to two core principles of WordPress, designing for the majority, and striving for simplicity. Users don’t really care about the internal process of installing or updating themes and plugins.”

Shiny Updates was first released in 4.2 and has more than 1,000 installs currently. The team has since expanded features and improved on the original ones. If you have any suggestions or requests, head to the #feature-shinyupdates Slack room.

What do you think of The Shiny Updates Project? Would you add anything? 

Emily Schiola

Emily Schiola is a Staff Writer at Torque. She loves good beer, bad movies, and cats.

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