I think PHP sucks, but not for the obvious reasons. Today I got into a mild discussion on twitter, sparked by the following tweet: Every time someone says "PHP sucks" an elephpant laughs and keeps counting their money earned from getting things done — (((Chris Hartjes))) (@grmpyprogrammer) June 15, 2016 It’s a nice sentiment, and worth analyzing a bit, but first… a little bit of context: My background I’m a PHP developer. I originally started with PHP in the early 2000’s. At that point my main exposure to programming was Pascal, and I started learning C. Then somebody told me to take a look at PHP, and was immediately sold on how easy it was to get a dynamic, mysql-backed website out into the world. The code I wrote back in the day was as awful as you might expect, but I kept going, and here we are, writing PHP nearly half my life. I’m pretty good at it, and used it as the main technology for perhaps a 100 projects, some of which never leaving my computer and others that have turned into successful businesses, with millions of users and one of which resulted in an exit. I’m active in the PHP community, as a blogger and, (ex-)member
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