Jason Lemieux earlier this week announced Postmatic 2, which includes new features such as digests, service integration support, comment intelligence, and more.

The update comes a year after the initial launch of Postmatic.

Email Digests

Postmatic Digests allows you to set up daily, weekly, and monthly automatic newsletters. Unlike other newsletter and digest services, Postmatic Digests displays the post title, author name, the number of comments, and top commenters. You can choose from five different layouts, select a subject line, set your schedule, and your content will be delivered directly to your users.

Before you publish your post, Postmatic 2 will make sure the layout, text, and images will all hold up well in an email. It will bring up any potential problems so you can change anything before the email goes out.

You also have the option to make the emailed version completely different from the one on your site using this tool. This is a great option if you’re trying to reach different audiences.

The digests use smart templates to adjust your themes and fonts. Depending on how many posts you’ve written for that email, the template will adjust the layout in a way that makes the most sense. If not all of your posts have header images, the template will group those together while highlighting the images you do have.

Comment Intelligence

Readers are often turned off by the idea of comment notifications, so Postmatic 2 adds the Comment Intelligence functionality to figure out which comments are the most important.

Comment Intelligence looks at the comments you’re getting and pulls out the ones that are most relevant and well-written. This prevents users from getting email notifications for every spam comment or “nice post, dude.” This feature also allows you to put the best comments in your post. If enabled, it will pull the best comment up to the top of the page so readers will see it right away instead of heading down to the bottom of the post.

Lemiux knows how challenging it can be  to get people to allow comment notifications.

“Getting people to check that box is hard,” Lemieux said. “We have restored the usefulness of comment notifications.”

App Integration

The thing that makes Postmatic 2 so versatile is the ability to send your subscribers to over 500 other apps including MailChimp, Google Sheets, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, and more.

You will receive subscribe and unsubscribe notifications from the applications you like to use. This feature makes it easy to continue to work with your favorite apps. Using these tools, you can send a personalized email when someone subscribes, add that user to a Google doc, alert your Slack team, and more.

Epoch and Postmatic on Torque

Torque has been running Epoch and Postmatic since January. In addition to an uptick in overall comment engagement, we’ve also noticed greater author engagement in the comments.

Authors are immediately notified when a reader comments on their post and can respond via email. This makes it easier to keep track of comments, and quickly respond to them without going into WordPress.

Torque contributor Nick Schaferhoff said that switching from Disqus was one of the best decisions ever.

“It is saving me loads of time! I don’t have to check my articles anymore to see if anyone left a comment, get all comments delivered to my inbox so I don’t miss out on any of them and can even answer via email,” he said. “It definitely made a huge difference and I find myself answering almost every comment since then.”

Another feature Torque has been utilizing is subscriptions. You can subscribe to any Torque writer and have their posts delivered right to your inbox. Our readers have found that it is a good way to keep track particular writers.

Comments For The Win

Comments allow for meaningful and important dialogue. You can get real-time feedback on a post, and connect with first-time visitors and old fans. They allow your work to start a discussion. Postmatic 2 lets you facilitate that discussion in a more efficient way. You can quickly hear what people are saying and respond in a timely manner.

You can download Postmatic 2 now from the Postmatic website.

Emily Schiola

Emily Schiola is a Staff Writer at Torque. She loves good beer, bad movies, and cats.

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