Though I don’t run a big WordPress agency or a large WordPress shop or anything like that, I often wonder what would a WordPress employee benefits package look like for those who do run those types of shop. I’m not talking about the standard run-of-the-mill benefits like insurance, retirement, paternity, vacation, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc. I mean, those are all great – don’t get me wrong – but I’m talking about the kinds of things that businesses could offer to their employees that would help them invest in themselves and their career. Not only would this benefit the employees, but it could help the company, as well. WordPress Employee Benefits I don’t have an exhaustive list, nor do I think that the things I’m doing to list out are the things that every company should provide. But when I think of a company who builds sites, software, and solutions exclusively with WordPress, I think of a company that offers the following things to their employees. In no particular order: A subscription to Post Status. It’s important to stay on top of the news as to what’s going on in our industry. Scanning the web, filtering out
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