Making a “best plugin” recommendation In my experience, there are three ways to determine how to recommend any plugin as the best for any particular area, including the best cache plugin for WordPress. The first is simply based on a proven track record. In other words, you use an organization’s history to prove its product’s future. The second is based on performance. In other words, regardless of who the players are, you’re only looking at the results. The third is based on real-world support. In other words, worry less about past or final future, and focus on the support right now. I get asked a lot about the best plugin for just about everything. And in each case, I’m making an internal decision about which criteria to use. And then I have to talk to the person asking me the question to determine which dynamic they care about most. People approach their product selection based on a variety of factors: Price Ease of use Performance Features for their specific needs Each of these dynamics is also at play when making a recommendation. Why I recommend WP Rocket Performance When it comes to performance @wp_rocket beats virtually all of the competition.
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