The online learning market is huge. If you’re a traditional business owner or a new-age entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways to create new revenue is to launch an online course. You’re taking the knowledge and experiences you’ve painstakingly curated over the years, bottling it up, and selling member-only access to it. A pay-wall, as it’s known in the more traditional publishing space. What an age we live in. Modern web technology empowers us to spread our knowledge and earn a living doing so. On your WordPress website, member-only content or courses, are nothing more than protected pages/posts that you grant access to. Because WordPress powers a huge chunk of the modern web, membership plugins have become increasingly popular. I’d venture to say it’s just as competitive as the contact form or photo gallery plugin space. Lots of choices, features, and decisions need to be made in order to choose such a pivotal plugin for your business. In today’s show, Pippin Williamson of Restrict Content Pro, joins us to demonstrate the use case for his refreshed membership plugin for WordPress. Restrict Content Pro plugin by Pippin’s Plugins
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