WordPress has achieved its goal of democratizing the web. As a platform for publishing content it excels. Look no further than the recent 25% of the web statistics for proof of that. But WordPress, like many publishing platforms, has failed to see the same success in the finer parts of exchanging ideas: creating conversation and engagement. Comments are nifty but conversation has value. A lot more than you might imagine. Videofruit recently concluded that on their site a commenter is 5x more likely to make a purchase. Thoughtful comments spread out over time demonstrate the authority and relevancy of your content – not only to readers but search engines as well. Fostering conversation on your site helps build community around your brand, assert authority in your niche, and drive more traffic. Plus, as Danny Brown puts it: if you are publishing without allowing comments you are saying you care. But not that much. There are two things needed to create and maintain engagement on your site. They are the same fundamentals of any conversation: speaking and listening. Traditional WordPress tools only do a so-so job at speaking. And they outright fail at listening. That’s not a
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