Are you just starting a new business? Maybe you want to take your existing business to the next level? Then you’ve probably thought about hiring a coach or purchasing some sort of training to expand your knowledge. Every day I get at least one email from readers like yourself asking about my recommendations for coaches, experts, training and/or courses. Sometimes you want to know if I have a course or training and other times you’re looking for my opinion on a specific “expert or their training”. While I want to answer as many emails as I can, it’s not always feasible to go in details. That’s why I thought it’d be better to just share my vetting process that I use. Now more than ever, you’ll find an expert on every corner of the internet. There are self-proclaimed social media experts, conversion experts, pricing experts, marketing experts, podcasting experts, webinar experts, business experts, etc etc etc. Some of these experts are actually very well-read and well-spoken which makes your decision even harder. If you’re like me and only want the BEST, then you have to skip past the bullshit. The easiest way to do that is to sort
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