Let's talk about shared hosting and managed hosting. Quite often, we see the two being compared when in reality, they should not be compared. They're quite different. In some ways they're similar, and in some ways they're different. Shared hosting is commonly when you have a lot of websites, a lot of customers, on one server. That means your website is on the same server as your competitors' or your partners' or anybody that has a website on the internet. You can go to GoDaddy or SiteGround and get a shared server. They're usually inexpensive so that you are renting that space with many other people. Think of it as you owning a house and you've got a mortgage to pay, versus you renting an apartment in an apartment complex and many people are paying for the mortgage. There are some vulnerabilities to that. A couple of vulnerabilities being if one of the sites on the server is slow, your site can slow down. If one of the sites on the server gets hacked, your site can get hacked. It's more vulnerable now. There's a lot of other things to think about like if one other site is using too many resources and the server goes down, that means your website is going down even though your website
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