Your content isn't shared how you think it is. Get the new social sharing best practices in this guide. Did you know you’re twice as likely to share something to Pinterest on desktop rather than mobile?1 Or how about that feeling when you realize people really don’t share your content to LinkedIn?1 I didn’t, either. But then I analyzed 200,000,000 social shares from our Share app and came to a surprising revelation: The social sharing best practices you’ve heard aren’t actually best practices. But maybe you don’t put too much stock into social sharing. If that’s the case, consider this: Social shares bring new traffic: You have a set amount of people you market to. Social sharing widens that net and brings new people in. Sharing is free brand awareness: Sharing provides a network effect -- readers share to people outside of your normal audience. That increases your overall brand reach. Social shares give your content credibility: The more visible shares your content has, the higher the odds a visitor will read your content (and therefore share it). This is the cheapest form of marketing because it’s free. You already created the content.
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