Social sharing is huge for photography websites. It's important, and it's necessary for a business. But this topic stems from testimonials, so let's discuss that first. Testimonials have always been a great form of encouragement for people to buy a product, or pay for a service. But testimonials are a one-way act. While it might be an act of kindness, the person offering the testimonial may not always get something in return. A modern approach to testimonials is having your website and its content shared on social media. Fortunately, in WordPress, there are so many plugins available that can encourage social sharing. These plugins can be simple, or complex. As a heavy WordPress user, I've spent many hours, upon hours, digging into various social media plugins. We've even discussed some of these on the WordPress photography podcast. With that, I want to share some of my personal favorites with you and offer some of my reasoning behind them. Encouraging Social Sharing Here are the three plugins I recommend for social sharing. Remember that you only need one, so choose which you think will suit your needs the best. Genesis Simple Share Genesis Simple Share will only work on WordPress sites
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