Caching is one of those terms that has a tendency of scaring photographers. We want to break caching down to its simplest description, and provide simple solutions for all photographers. But before we dive in, note that caching goes way beyond what you're about to read. It's more complicated and more technical. Website Caching Caching, at its core, is a process of creating static content of dynamic content as a means of speeding up a website. This goes for galleries, widgets, blog post content, page content and more. But many caching plugins go beyond just creating static content. Some offer what's called Lazy Loading. This is a process of showing images only when a visitor is scrolling. That way the images aren't loading on the computer or mobile device and in turn, speeding up site loading. Some sceptics have said Lazy Loading is just a mirage or a mind trick. While we have not scientifically tested the effect of lazy loading, even a mind trick like that could keep people on your site longer during a loading process. Other features of caching plugins might include minification of javascript and CSS. Be cautious of minification because if done incorrectly or done on the wrong files,
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