Interview with Tenko Nikolov, CEO and Managing Partner at SiteGround SiteGround is a successful hosting company with hundreds of employees. Located in Europe, its CEO, Tenko Nikolov, has been fixated on growing his brand by focused on success across the team and for their customers. It's evident that SiteGround knows what they're doing -- and the photos tell a great story about a great company culture. Tenko has shared his experiences with us in the interview below. We highly recommend you read it to learn how this young CEO has made his company so incredibly successful. Can you tell us about your role at SiteGround and how you came to be CEO? How did you go from tech support at SiteGround to CEO/managing partner? What are the values you stood for to become the ultimate leader of the company? SiteGround has become such a successful company over the last 12 years mainly because of the three core values it has always followed: outstanding support, technological innovation and employees’ satisfaction. When the company has started it has attracted and kept its first customers thanks to a small but incredibly devoted support team a part of which I was proud to be. Now, 12 years and
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