Let me ask you a question: do you want to speed up your WordPress site while also protecting it from malicious attacks? If you answered yes (let’s be honest: of course you did!), then you should definitely consider integrating CloudFlare with your website. CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) that acts as a proxy between your website and your visitors. Whenever a user visits your site, CloudFlare will first check for any indicators of malicious intent. Once CloudFlare verifies the visit isn’t motivated by nefarious purposes, it serves up data from the data center that’s geographically closest to your visitor Result: beefier security, and much faster website load speeds. Integrating with CloudFlare can bring very real, tangible benefits to your site. The company claims that on average, sites load twice as fast and use 60% less bandwidth. When you consider that 30% of users want sites to load in under a second, halving the time it takes your site to load is pretty awesome. If you want to get those results on your website, read on. It takes just 10-15 minutes to setup CloudFlare, and you’ll be all set to receive the benefits we just discussed and more.
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