I recently launched a membership community for my podcast (using WordPress, of course). In this post I’d like to share the details of which tools I chose to create the site, why I chose them, and what the cost was. If you need to create a WordPress membership site for your organization, I hope you find some helpful info here. (Please note: some links in this post might be affiliate links. See the full disclosure here.) To give some initial context for what I was doing, here’s the mission for my online community: The OfficeHours.fm Community exists as a place where motivated people from a variety of backgrounds can meet to learn from one another, challenge each other, and push themselves further with the ultimate goal of growing a business that supports an independent lifestyle. We happen to have WordPress in common. In order to carry out this mission, I needed a website where: members could communicate and interact with each other previous communications were easily scan-able and searchable members had the option of monthly or yearly payments anyone (member or not) could buy podcast swag From a technical perspective, WordPress made this easy with the availability of some
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