Recently I’ve been putting in quite a few evenings and weekends working on one of my side projects, the Instagram WordPress plugin Intagrate (née Instagrate Pro), due to the recent changes Instagram imposed on access to their API from June 1st. Instagram announced back in November last year that they were making changes to how developers accessed the API (allegedly following a password breach). After working through those changes to make my plugin compatible, I started thinking how precarious a business model it really is, relying on another service or product like this. I’m certainly not alone in doing this, but is it the most stupid thing ever or actually a viable model? Of course I didn’t start out thinking, “I’m going to make money from Instagram”. The plugin started as a simple plugin to scratch my own itch, and quickly got released on the plugin repository so other people could have their Instagram images automatically published on their WordPress sites. It took six months to realize there was enough interest and scope in the plugin that I could monetize it, and the Pro version was built. At the time (mid 2012), Instagram was in its infancy,
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