We are excited to announce the first release of Elementor, a truly revolutionary live page builder plugin we've spent the last year developing. We've put all our knowledge and expertise of our WordPress team, into building a whole different page builder. Elementor is a true game changer in the page builder landscape, and it includes some unique features we'd like to explain about in this post. These include a much stronger code base, faster drag and drop, complete control over the page layout, and incredible flexibility regarding widget styling. Get this, all these options are available on the free, open source and GPL Elementor plugin. There's so much to share about this truly wondrous plugin. What started as an ambitious vision, is finally coming to life. We set out to make Elementor better in the features we believed matter most for designers: control over the layout, control over styling, abundance of widgets, performance and code optimization, responsive design capabilities and compatibilities with other themes and plugins. It's time to share our excitement with you, and explain what sets Elementor apart from any other design solution for WordPress. It's a 7 part post, so grab
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