This article is based on a talk I gave at WordCamp Europe 2016 (“Caring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.”—Thoughts on Plugin UI). If you’re interested watching the video, it will be available on soon. A Short Story of Care Look at whatever place you want—a country, a city, a building, a WordPress back-end. If you happen to be a local in that place, you can choose to actively take impact on the experience other people (that is: non-locals) will have in and with that place. ›Bulgarian Post‹ To me, such a place once was the Central Post Office in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the local who would take impact on my experience was an elder lady running a newsstand in said post office. So, I enter that post office, 8:00 on a Tuesday morning. I have come to post a parcel to Germany, only to realize that neither am I able to read the Cyrillic signage all around, nor does anyone in that place understand, let alone speak a word of English, or German. Getting increasingly freaked out I spend the next 20 minutes running to and fro the hall, standing in line here and there in order to find the right counter for deliveries abroad.
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