The last 3 weeks have been challenging and emotional for everyone at Buffer. We made the hard decision to lay off 10 team members, 11% of the team. I’d like to share the full details of how we got here, and the way we have chosen to handle this situation to put Buffer in a healthier position. I believe most startup founders are, by nature, optimistic. We want to solve problems and we believe in going from nothing to something. The attitude of most successful founders is that something previously unproven can be made a reality. Most of us have experienced doubt and skepticism and have pushed through it. Optimism has seen us through a lot of mistakes at Buffer, like the countless new features and products we spent months building only to realize we need to scrap them. Content suggestions and our Daily iOS app are just a couple. But after a certain point in a company, the mistakes we make don’t just affect the product features. They affect people’s lives. And no amount of optimism could prepare Buffer for last Monday, when we had to tell 10 talented teammates that their journey with us was over. It’s the result of the biggest mistake I’ve made in my career
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