Usually folks hire someone else for a task for one of two reasons: They are either short on time or skill. In particular, when it comes to creative works like design, development, writing, marketing, et al., it means you’re also paying for a unique perspective that informs and elevates the skill at hand. The professional you are looking to hire has something you don’t and you want a piece of it because it will improve your business, your home–your life, in some way. Some of this may seem simple to an outsider, but it’s a professional’s job to make whatever they are doing look easy–a surprisingly uncomplicated task when interacting with someone who isn’t well-informed about what the work actually entails. If you are looking at all this going, “Hmmm, it can’t be that hard,” you might be wondering why the hell a developer’s rate is so much more than you anticipated. If it was so simple, we wouldn’t have to hire anyone. We’d handle it ourselves. There are so many skills that are easy to learn on a surface level; anyone can buy a ukulele on Amazon and learn to play a few simple songs the first day it arrives, but
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