We regularly get queries along the following lines: “Thanks for sorting out my website today! Still struggling to understand how plugins can destroy a site. If you have any advice…?” So what’s the deal with plugins? WordPress is amazingly versatile and extendable. The way WordPress extends is through plugins and to a lesser extent themes. These give you the ability to transform your WordPress site from a simple blog into an e-commerce site, an events calendar or pretty much whatever you can imagine. A plugin is a bunch of code normally written in PHP and some JavaScript. This code hooks into WordPress using a series of actions and filters. This means that a plugin can interact with lots of different parts of WordPress and affect the user experience along the way. Code is developed by people and within the WordPress community we have a wide range of talents from all walks of life. The plugin you are using is as likely to been developed by a vicar as it is a full time professional software developer. That’s part of what makes WordPress so great, as almost anyone with basic coding experience can build a plugin. Unfortunately building a plugin that is needed
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