It's been three weeks since the launch of Elementor, and even though we came across a few unexpected events, like the surprise addition to Product Hunt we wrote about, Elementor is spreading at a very pleasing rate, already with over 13,000 downloads and over 3,000 active installs. Since launching Elementor, we've been getting the same questions time and time again: "Why another page builder?", "Is it really free?", "How are you planning to make money?" and "What will the paid plan look like?". This is why we decided to release this roadmap post, to give you a clearer view of where we are coming from and where we're headed. We decided to develop Elementor after working in the WordPress industry for several years. We couldn't understand why other DIY platforms like Wix, SquareSpace and Weebly offered such great page builder interfaces, and WordPress did not. Isn't it only logical to assume that the most popular website CMS in the world would offer a convenient way for users to build beautiful website pages? The technology was there, just not offered in WordPress. We decided to create this solution, so every WordPress user can easily build their
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