Awarded as one of the Top Rated Widgets & Widget Control plugin based on and almost perfect 5-star review with 88/89 on repository, thank you very much! Widget Options For me, being loved by the community is a good motivation to improve the plugin features, thus I’ve decided to include the Display Widget Logic on this release. It will be available under Class, ID & Logic, or gear icon tab; refer to the screenshot below. How does Display Widget Logic work? This has similar function with Widget Logic Plugin, so please keep in mind that it will also be EVAL’d directly, and you can filter it via widget_options_logic_override to bypass the code if needed and also for security purposes. Other Plugin Improvements Inner tab selection is also added for better user experience, i.e., to lessen the scrolling action specially under the visibility options. Other fixes and improvements specially on transient are also added for better plugins performance. Gearing towards one stop plugin for WordPress widget management, I’m very happy on how this plugin is quickly evolving. For any suggestions & issues, don’t hesitate to post them under
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