Modern and concise, Wix is rising fast in the website creation market (screenshot, Wix’s new product will automate content updates and suggest changes to your website design based on industry and, later, what’s popular in your local market Now artificial intelligence is not just powering services like Siri and potentially listening to our conversations on Facebook, it is also making its way into web design. announced a new offering Wednesday called Wix ADI, or Artificial Design Intelligence, to incorporate AI into the creation of new web templates. They claim their software “blends” AI and “human design sensibility.” Wix is promising that “no two websites” will have the same design and will be suited for different industries with variations in theme, layout and minor details like color and font. They also claim Wix ADI will be able to tailor designs to users’ “location,” though they do not elaborate on what they know about website layout preferences city to city or country to country. Wix ADI product chief Nitzan Achsaf told Geektime the main reason to ask about location is to better scrape the web for
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