WooCommerce 2.6 “Zipping Zebra” is now available for download.

In anticipation of the WordPress REST API’s inclusion in core, WooCommerce 2.6 includes a new custom REST API, which leverages the WP REST API infrastructure and follows the same standards. This means that WooCommerce can be extended to add new data points and authentication methods.

“The new API supports orders, customers, products, coupons, taxes, reports, and webhooks, both individually and in batches” the announcement said. “We’ll be extending this with additional endpoints in 2.7.”

In addition to a new API, Zipping Zebra also features a fresh design for the “My Account” page, which replaces the disorganized account page in previous versions of WooCommerce. The new tab-based layout enables customers to easily navigate through the different sections. storefront-2-my-account

WooCommerce 2.6 also introduces Shipping Zones, a feature that allows users to group locations and add different shipping methods to each.

“You can group multiple continents, countries, states, and zip codes into a ‘zone’ and then add shipping methods to each,” the announcement said.

Users can also add multiple flat rates within a given zone.

The release includes several other improvements including:

  • Soon-hold status order emails
  • Cart page operations now use AJAX
  • Custom term meta implementation has been moved to WP Term Meta
  • And developer access to new Payment Tokens API

Users must be running WordPress version 4.4 or above to upgrade to 2.6. Before updating, users must ensure that they’re using the most current version of Table Rate Shipping and Flat Rate Box Shipping. In addition, if you’re running Simply Commerce, you will be prompted to install the new version from WordPress.org before updating. Users will also be prompted by the data upgrader  to run updates in the background.

WooCommerce 2.6 includes 1700 commits by 25 contributors and has been in development for five months.

Marie Dodson

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