The opening season of PluggedIn Radio has been showered with lightweight plugins that serve very specific functions within WordPress. Tom McFarlin’s Easier Excerpts makes excerpts, well, easier. John James Jacoby demonstrated a plugin that cleans up the user profile page and one that makes drop-downs look better. They are small, quick to develop, and make a large impact on our day-to-day WordPress usage. Today, we look at a new plugin by Scott Bolinger of AppPresser that aims to be just as lightweight as the rest, but hopes to make a dramatic impact on your WooCommerce store sales. WooCommerce Smart Checkout by AppPresser It’s 2016; Mobile is on the rise, wether you want to admit it or not. We’re increasingly consuming more content on mobile, and buying products is on the rise as well. Paper towels, soap, and I’ve even bought car tires through my Amazon app. WooCommerce usage, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, is also on the rise. Recently acquired by Automattic, there’s a new driving force behind wider adoption and making the platform more ubiquitous for users wanting to launch an e-commerce store. But mobile is still hard. There’s
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