photo credit: Ilya Pavlov If your job involves working with WordPress, you probably switch between front and backend countless times every day while getting things done. Kellen Mace, a developer at WebDevStudios, has just released a handy Google Chrome Extension that will save you a few clicks while switching back and forth. WordPress Admin Switcher offers a keyboard shortcut that will zip you from frontend to admin without having to reach for your mouse/trackpad: cmd + shift + A (Mac) or ctrl + shift + A (Windows/Linux). The keyboard shortcut works on any WordPress-powered site to do the following: Sends a logged-out user to the admin login Sends a logged-in user on the frontend to the post edit screen for the for the post/page/custom post type currently being viewed Sends a logged-in user from the admin to the corresponding frontend for the post/page/custom post type being edited (or else the main site URL) The extension also supports switching to/from the admin on a subdirectory multisite install with URLs like It works on VIP sites and any WordPress-powered website. Clicking the extension icon also performs the same behavior as the keyboard shortcut.
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