There sure is a lot you need to remember when working with WordPress theme files. From the names of basic template files to functions and how the WordPress Loop works, it’s next to impossible to remember every PHP tag or even how to define a new theme. About 550 students enrolled in our Academy course, WordPress Development for Beginners, are in their final week, all tackling the final assignment – building a WordPress theme from scratch. So to help you out, I thought I’d put together this handy cheat sheet, which includes all the files and functions you need to know (but not necessarily remember!) when working with themes. This is definitely one to bookmark and save for future reference! Good luck with your final assignment, and if you’re not already enrolled in WordPress Development for Intermediate Users, get in quick before enrollments close soon! Theme Files These are the basic files that every theme should include: style.css – This is your theme’s stylesheet file. index.php – This is the main body template for your theme. Its job is to bring together all the information in the other theme files using template tags. header.php – This
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