photo credit: when i was a bird – cc WordCamp Europe 2016 had 500 attendees sign up for contributor day, which was held on Sunday at the University of Vienna. For the first time ever, the event hosted a plugin review workshop led by Mika Epstein where attendees learned about how the repository and review system works. Epstein announced a new #pluginreview channel on WordPress Slack for discussing plugin reviews. The current plugin review team includes just a handful of people but Epstein said that they will be expanding with new members in the near future. She plans to post some plugins for future reviewers to download and discuss as a group. Epstein emphasized that the new channel is not for checking in on reviewers to find out when submitted plugins will be approved. Security issues should still be forwarded privately to Epstein posted a few links for those who want to get started learning how to review plugins, including the official plugin directory guidelines, the Mark Jaquith Plugin Directory Slurper, and the Plugin Check plugin (which could use some repairs). Adding more members to the team should help lighten the load for those who have been handling
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