I am a huge fan of the WordPress Redirection plugin because I have found that it’s an easy way for non-technical folks to go in and set up 301 redirects so that all URLs are directing site visitors to whatever new content is appropriate. Recently, I ran into a small issue where some redirects that had been set up on a site I was migrating all led to 404 “page not found” errors. The reason? Inconsistent use of trailing slashes. What do I mean by a “trailing slash”? I’m referring to the slash ( / ) at the end of some URLs. What Was Happening Some of the redirects were working fine, but some weren’t. Upon closer inspection, I realized that some of the source URLs for the redirects had been set up without a trailing slash. In the screenshot above, I’m showing four possible combinations of source and target URLs in regards to the use of trailing slashes. Using a standard installation of WordPress with these scenarios will lead to the following results: Scenario Result when navigating to the URL without a trailing slash. Result when navigating to the URL with a trailing slash. Source URL does not have a trailing slash and target URL does. successful
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