Everyone working with WordPress code should have a set of nice and functional WordPress plugins for developers in his or her workflow. Of course, a good deal of it is a matter of personal preference too – a code editor that works for you just might not be so functional or helpful for me, and vice versa. In fact, even extremely popular services such as GitHub are not preferred or loved by a vast number of developers. When it comes to WordPress as well, the story is no different. You might have your own set of tools, libraries and WordPress plugins for developers that you rely on when building for or with WordPress. However, there are certain plugins that are really a must-have. So in this roundup, I have enumerated 10 WordPress plugins for developers, to help you improve your development workflow and do more with WordPress: Free WordPress plugins for developers: 1. Developer Developer There cannot be a better name for a plugin that is meant to help WordPress developers do better. Developer is not really an end plugin, but rather a master plugin that helps you set up and optimize your development environment. Once you activate it, Developer asks you about the kind of stuff you are
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