If you're a web designer, a design agency, or somebody who works with websites, you know that you must keep yourself always up to date with the latest goings on in the world of web design. To that extent, what better way than following established web design blogs, which produce a constant stream of content. Yes, you may "use" a lot of time if you had to read all of that content - but it would be much more expensive for you if you had to fall behind. Here's a list of web design blogs to follow. Now at DART Creations, we like makings things simple for everybody. So rather than you having to get frustrated clicking through each and every web design blog, subscribe to their mailing list, RSS, Like their Facebook page, or follow their Twitter account or whatever way you prefer to keep yourself updated, we've made life things simple for you. We've followed all of the RSS feeds of the below blogs, exported the OPML file and made it ready for you to import into your Feedly account or your favourite feed reader. Life couldn't be simpler we think ;-) Download the file - then import into your feed reader Download and save the OPML file with our 101 favourite web design blogs to follow.
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