Today, over one-third of all websites use WordPress for infrastructure and content management, making it the world’s most popular site building platform. Perhaps the biggest reason for this level of market penetration is WordPress’s versatility. It can become almost anything you want it to be, a type of blank canvas for the digital work of art that is your branded online presence. It doesn’t matter what design element, user interface module or back end tool you can think of. Thanks to the vibrant community of WordPress developers (it’s open source, after all), there’s probably an existing plugin that can do what you have in mind. And if there isn’t, you can have one built for you. Because the platform has emerged as the industry standard, WordPress’s plugin developer ecosystem is expansive and growing. It allows millions of developers worldwide to create exceptional applications and tools that integrate into WordPress sites to give them added functionality. For businesses, this means that your website can become one of your most powerful engines of growth – whether you are on a mission to grow exponentially (viral growth), retain customers
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