By now you’d imagine mobile websites are commonplace, or “just work” through WordPress out-of-the-box. Yes, there are an ample amount of mobile WordPress plugins available for site owners to choose from. Sure, there are mobile responsive themes, that, by now, have become ubiquitous. Heck, it would be a challenge to find a theme published in the last year or so not mobile friendly. However, being mobile friendly isn’t always where the bucks stops — nor should it. Most blog and business website owners have finally become conditioned that they need mobile, because they are interacting on mobile more. Meaning, they’ve tried to lookup a business or order a product online, only to become frustrated by constant pinching and zooming on a non-mobile website. I’ve been building websites for a decade and have been shouting mobile from the rooftops for nearly 60% of it. Let’s all agree — your WordPress website should be mobile ready. Today we’re exploring mobile WordPress plugins for design, content publishing, and the services you need to be aware of to make sure you’re doing it all right. The benefits of a mobile WordPress website
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