You have a glass that holds eighteen fluid ounces. You pour a twelve ounce can of Coca Cola into the glass. You’re six ounces shy of reaching the rim. This describes my daily experience with every WordPress theme demo. You blog consistently, and yet you still fail to meet the minimum number of blog posts to fill the home page of a WordPress Magazine theme. You install the demo content and realize that you have twenty-five fewer blog posts than needed. The worst part? That’s just to fill the home page. Have you ever considered that your theme may be holding you back? Plugins are amazing; I’ll be the first one to tell you that. There are so many different functionalities out there already. Instead of downloading and optimizing a bunch of images, a WordPress theme author could use a plugin like Default Featured Image. This plugin allows you to set and assign a featured image to a post or page-if one is not set already. Pretty simple, right? You can also use a plugin like Srizon Lorem to add content to your posts & pages. In a few simple clicks, with two plugins, you can build a single post in minutes. Another one of my favorite plugins is called Duplicate Post. It’s
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