It's been two weeks since the last update, and we have some cool new features and other news to tell you about. As this article on Webdesigner Depot suggests, in the last few years, websites have become more and more alike. Creating a unique web design, one that draws visitors to stay and browse the site, has become a harder task to follow. The subtle design touches are what make or break a design. This is why we place great focus into giving you special design features, that go further than the basic blocks of content. Today we are introducing two such features, that will help you create websites that really stand out among the crowd. Let's start with the first one - Box Shadow. I have to confess that this is one of my all time favorite features we have ever released in Elementor. With the inclusion of the new Box Shadow feature into Elementor, you now have a simple yet powerful ability to make your site design more unique, by adding custom made shadows to columns, elements and sections. Box Shadow joins another recently released visual feature, Background Overlay, and can be really handy when designing homepages, or anywhere else in your site where you want to add this effect. With
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