An exciting new plugin has been released that will benefit those WordPress product authors who have been looking for a solution to sell their products anywhere online. The all new Freemius plugin enables creators of WordPress plugins and themes to sell their products through a simple three step process – great news for those WordPress creators who have put time and effort into their work and would like to reap the benefits. There is a three easy ways to set up the plugin: 1. Set up the pricing of your products e.g plugins and themes 2. Integrate the Freemius SDK code into the plugin/theme 3. Paste the generated ‘buy button’ code into any webpage and start selling your products! Freemius is set to change the way products can be sold online as it enables users to sell their products from any website platform, they do not need to be using WordPress to install the plugin. The main benefits of Freemius are: • The user can start selling in minutes, the set up process is very simple and doesn’t require a massive knowledge of development • All transactions are secure and PCI compliant, the system does not ‘touch’ any credit card information but
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