Expecting 2200 people over two days of conference, WordCamp Europe 2016 was expected to be challenging. In order to offer a welcoming and inclusive experience to everyone, we were particularly keen on planning and executing a strict enforcement of the Code of Conduct during the WordCamp. Here the plan we executed: Preparation We identified security officers among the organising team, based on experience and availability during the event. We defined a clear incident reporting procedure and distributed to the org team and volunteers. Security Officers At any time, from warm-up events to Contributor Day, we always had two security officers on duty. They were reachable at any time on slack and on the phone. Their contacts were made available to all the staff (org team + volunteers). Security Officers shifts were organised to be gender-diverse, so to be able to address sensitive reports. Security officers on duty were instructed not no consume alcohol during their shifts. Incident Reporting The staff was instructed as following, via internal p2, slack and during the volunteers orientation: If anyone contacts a member of the staff regarding a possible breach of the code of conduct or anything
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