Copenhagen, Denmark: On Friday, 1st of July 2016, a leading global outsourcing marketplace for high quality WordPress projects, today announced a share buyback from CAPNOVA and funding from several investors, including Automattic, the company behind and WooCommerce. The company also secured a loan from the Danish Growth Fund. In addition to the investment, Codeable will partner with WooCommerce, the world’s biggest e-commerce platform for WordPress, to offer site owners opportunities to connect with expert WordPress developers. “We want to give site owners as many opportunities as possible to have great WordPress or WooCommerce sites, and we believe supporting and partnering with code project marketplaces such as Codeable is a step in the right direction,” said Catherine Stewart, Automattic’s VP of Business Development. In fewer than three years, Codeable has grown to be a leading global outsourcing marketplace for high quality WordPress projects. Codeable CEO Per Esbensen said, “I couldn’t be happier to have an amazing brand like Automattic as our partner. The past couple of months have been a lot of hard and rewarding work
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