photo credit: Green Chameleon Last week, Dan Cameron, creator of Sprout Invoices, received an email from the plugin review team stating that his plugin was in violation of the repository guidelines. Sprout Invoices was promptly removed from the directory and all of its 5-star reviews were also removed. Cameron had been discounting the professional license of his plugin for customers who gave a review on In a post expressing his frustration with the way the situation was handled, Cameron said he “figured it was alright to compensate their time” and that customers were free to leave a good or bad review. The official plugin directory guidelines do not explicitly prohibit compensated reviews, which is why Cameron said he was unaware this was an issue. During his conversation with the plugin review team, he was referred to an article posted on the make/plugins blog regarding the issue: “If it’s not clear enough, we’re serious,” the email stated. “We even posted on make/plugins.” At the end of May, WordPress plugin review team member Mika Epstein posted a reminder to plugin developers about not compensating for
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