As described in the Improving Setting Validation in the Customizer proposal post and detailed in #34893 and #36944, WordPress 4.6 includes new APIs related to validation of Customizer setting values. The Customizer has had sanitization of setting values since it was introduced. Sanitization involves coercing a value into something safe to persist to the database: common examples are converting a value into an integer or stripping tags from some text input. As such, sanitization is a lossy operation. But what happens in sanitization if a provided value is irrecoverable, beyond the ability to sanitize? The Customizer did allow sanitizers to return null in such cases which resulted in the value being skipped entirely from previewing and saving, but there was no feedback to the user that the value was skipped. Additionally, when multiple settings were modified but some were skipped due to returning null, the result was that a save operation would only persist the non-skipped settings to database: a user would unexpectedly find that only some of their settings were applied, resulting in an inconsistent saved state. Save operations were not transactional/atomic. These are the problems that
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