A few weeks ago, our team descended upon Vienna, Austria for our second annual company retreat and WordCamp Europe. After last year’s retreat around WordCamp Miami we had decided that we should attend a more developer-focused event like LoopConf, but the idea of visiting an awesome city like Vienna was too much to resist. We also decided to make this year’s retreat a team-only event. Last year we had our significant others with us and a couple of babies. It was a company retreat but also sort of a family vacation. It was great to meet everyone’s partners but all the logistics were more challenging with twice the people. We also wanted to schedule some work sessions without feeling guilty we were leaving our partners in the lurch. And finally we wanted to stay a couple of days longer as we found our trip was a bit short last year. Planning In October 2015, I booked a rooftop apartment in the center of Vienna, just a 5 minute walk to the WordCamp Europe venue. We would check-in Tuesday, June 21 and check-out Monday, June 27. Closer to the event I set up a Google Doc with all the accommodation details and some FAQs like what was covered and not covered (flights, accommodation,
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