RSS (Really Simple Syndication) plugins are used to send your newly published posts and pages to news feed readers or mailboxes. People use feed readers like Feedly and Feedbin to keep tabs on websites that publish quality content on a consistent basis. With an RSS feed in place, they don’t need to keep visiting the website all the time to check for updates. They can simply add the website feed to their feed reader and see when a new post is published. For example, look at this screenshot from Feedly showing the recently published posts on topics related to SEO. Instead of visiting 50 different blogs every day, you can open the app and go through the list of all recently published ones from blogs or websites that you want to follow. Do You Need to Install an RSS Plugin? Adding an RSS Plugin or news feed to your website has many benefits. An RSS feed will increase the chances of your content getting seen and shared by the right people. Many bloggers and influencers use RSS feeds to be in the know. When they find a good one, they will share or link to your post from their blog or social media profiles. There are blogs or websites that scrape blog posts through RSS feeds and publish.
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