First things first, I’d like to warn you that this article contains my quarterly income report for Q2, 2016. What that means is that this article talks about money… More specifically, it’s about money I’ve earned as a freelance WordPress developer working for Codeable, LinkedIn, Clarity, and GoDaddy during Q2, 2016. If you’re not a fan of this topic then I’d encourage you to visit my blog and choose another article of mine to read. Perhaps you’d be more interested in learning why I publish my income reports in the first place? Spoiler alert: I believe transparency trumps secrecy. I’d also like to mention that the intent of this article is to inspire, not to boast. This is my personal story, my journey, in becoming a freelance WordPress developer. My goal is to show other developers what’s possible as a freelancer and hopefully inspire someone to pursue a fulfilling career of their own as a freelancer. Now, before we dive any further into this topic together we need to get on the same page about one thing. This isn’t some magic, get-rich-quick, overnight success, fantasy nonsense. This is real income produced by completing
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