This article explains how to implement inline CSS styles for your TinyMCE editor based on color settings in the WordPress Customizer. I’ve been working on a highly customized version of the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme that I call “Beyond 2016”. It has some nice features like supporting Sass and Archive styles, more header layouts, and per page layout options. And you can download and test it now from Github if you like. Last year, when I was building my Matt2015 child theme, I implemented Editor Formats into a theme for the first time. Since then I’ve been more and more convinced that Editor Formats can do A LOT for the WordPress editor if implemented well. One wishlist item I’ve had to experiment with that idea is being able to dynamically generate CSS styles for the editor based on my Customizer settings. Only recently did I reach out to our handy-dandy Advanced WordPress Facebook group for help on this issue. TL;DR (what does that mean?) You can accomplish this by hooking into the tiny_mce_before_init hook and calling and customizing the $mceInit value. Tutorial below. Why I Still Value AWP If you have been a member of our Advanced WordPress Facebook
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