Are you looking for an easy way to contribute to the WordPress project? One of the easiest – and most helpful! – things you can do is test beta releases. WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 was just released, so this is a great opportunity to give beta testing a try! You’ve probably seen blog posts or signs at WordCamps saying “Contribute to WordPress!” Most people think, “I can’t contribute to WordPress, I don’t know anything about code.” or “I don’t have time to contribute.” But there are a lot of ways to contribute to WordPress without knowing any code that only take a few minutes of your time. Beta testing is one of the easiest ways that people of any skill level can help out with the WordPress project. Set up a staging site The first step in testing beta versions of WordPress is to set up a staging site. You do not want to do beta testing on your live site, because beta versions often have bugs, and you don’t want to break your live site. Another good reason to use a staging site for beta testing is that you need to confirm that the beta version of WordPress really is the source of the problem. If something works on
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