JavaScript has been on everyone’s minds since The State of the Word last year. Matt Mullenweg’s quote has been repeated and parodied more than Kanye West. Though the request sounds easy, there is a lot that goes into learning JavaScript deeply.

This guide will start you on your way to an understanding of JavaScript for WordPress.

28 High-Quality Tools For Leaning JavaScript

This article is the perfect place to start. A brief description of JavaScript followed by some recommendations for great tools to make your understanding easier. The list is made up of online resources, videos, and books depending on your learning style. As a beginner, this is the perfect place to start.

Once you’ve made it through the beginner resources, there’s a number of more advanced ones, to help you dive into the intricacies of JavaScript.

How To Learn JavaScript As A WordPress Developer

Now you can move on to how JavaScript relates to WordPress. Figure out which framework you should learn, back end vs. front end, and more. Take the knowledge you learned from the above resources and direct them toward WordPress.

All of these tips come straight from users who have been putting JavaScript into action. You can even watch a video of the entire interview here.

A Look At Popular Design Patterns In JavaScript

Design Patterns in JavaScript can be extremely useful. A design pattern is a reusable section of code that can be used to address problems. Each pattern addresses a different problem. It’s not easy to know the best one to go with, but that’s where this article comes in. Go through the most popular and find the best one for you.

Because JavaScript is so flexible, these design patterns provide structure to your code.

WordPress REST API And JavaScript Promises

Now it is time to go even deeper with JavaScript. When you have mastered the basics and have an understanding of the scripting language, you can dig in. This is an excellent guide to promises in JavaScript and how they connect with the REST API.

This is one of the most technical articles on the list, but if you’re using the REST API, it is a great one to have on hand.

With JavaScript, Is Deep The Right Goal?

Take a look at what learning JavaScript deeply actually means, and why Mullenweg emphasized it during the State of the Word. Regardless of whether or not your specialty is JavaScript, it is important to be familiar with many different languages.

Did we miss any great stories about JavaScript? Answer in the comments below. 

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