The design phase used to be the most time consuming part of our project but now it’s the smoothest. Where we once sought buy-in along the way with wireframes, style tiles, and finally two finished design concepts we now only deliver a single, fully fleshed out concept. While internally designing with the same tools, we’ve honed our outward facing process so we only need to show the client our single, best idea. We rarely receive significant revision feedback, despite lack of client buy-in leading up to the delivered concept. Clients feel that we’ve delivered solutions that fit their needs and need little, if any, adjusting. How is this done consistently? Our design discovery process. By the time we’re done performing design research, we have a complete understanding of the organization and their needs for the project at hand. Furthermore, we’ve structured the process to convey both expertise and intention. We make it clear that every design decision is based on experience and thought which builds trust and limits feedback born out of personal preferences or emotion. So what’s our secret sauce? Read on and I’ll tell you more about our design
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